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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Do we offer free samples?
A: It is entirely the company decision to send samples or not depending upon the request from the client and decisions are made based on reliability and soundness of the clients.

Q: What do we mean by cross-reference numbers?
A: Cross reference numbers are added from the Catalogs of V-Muller, Jarit and Miltex against our Product codes so that clients can search for the instruments in our database more conveniently. For example, if you know the desired Miltex ,V-Muller or Jarit product code just enter it at our website Cross reference area and you will get the desired instrument instantly.

Q: What type of Stainless steel is used in manufacturing of the Instruments at Tamzon Instruments?
A: At Tamzon, the material used in manufacturing of varies for various type of Instrumentations but they follow strict International standards to provide the Best Quality Instruments for your confidence and comfort:

BS 5194: Part 1

DIN 58298

ISO 7153-1

This is a relatively modern British innovation that has become in universal use for steel instruments. It reaches the factories in the form of bars and sheets. Looking at these lengths of rough and dark gray material, one wonders how it will be fashioned into beautifully finished instruments. Such a transformation reveals craftsmanship at its best.

STAINLESS STEEL TYPE AISI 304 This material is easy to machine and form. Instruments or components that do not need to be hardened, such as speculums, retractor blades, hollow handles, hospital hollow wares, nuts, screws and pins etc, are usually made from this grade.

STAINLESS STEEL TYPE AISI 316L It is a very high purity alloy. 'L' stands for low carbon. It is also called SMO. It is a preferred material for making most orthopedic implants, such as plates and screws, nails, staples, prostheses and aneurysm clips etc. Certain instruments that have prolonged contact with implants also utilize this material to avoid transfer of dissimilar metal particles which could cause galvanic corrosion reaction on the implants. It is however important to know that metal implants and prostheses can sooner or later fail since no metal has yet been developed that will equal the revitalizing durability of living bone.

STAINLESS STEELTYPE AISI 410 This is a most commonly used grade for the manufacture of non-cutting instruments. Typical examples are hemostats, assorted forceps, retractors and so on. It is easy to work with and has Rockwell Hardness in the range of C-40 to C-45. It is a misconception that this grade is inferior in any way as it clearly complies with the British, German and International Standards for application in surgical instruments.

STAINLESS STEEL TYPE AISI 420 & 440 These are useful grades for cutting instruments such as scissors, knives, chisels, ronguers, bone cutters, bone drills and taps etc. AISI 420 can get Rockwell Hardness in the range of C-48 to C-50 but if hardness around C-55 is required then grade AISI 440 with more carbon is appropriate.

Q: How does the Cart function works?
A: The purpose of dynamic website is to be as user friendly as possible and the cart function is such a blessing in this dynamic World. Since Clients have little time in placing order and study the complete website and then noting down what they need is a tedious job. The Cart function symbol ( ) allowS our clients to make a list of the instruments they are interested by adding them all in one cart and updating their quantity required. When done with browsing all instruments required just send your inquiry and you will get email confirmation that we have received your inquiry with all order details you have placed. Our staff will get back to you within 24 hours. If for any reason, you don't feel like using this function, we welcome the opportunity to speak with you over the Phone. You can easily reach us at 630 876 8505 or use a Toll free number 1 800 882 6682

Q: How to quickly find the product from the website?
A. The best solution is to type the Reference code in search box or the details description area and you will know if the product contents are available on the web but if you still face problem please feel free to contact us and we will provide you with detail information.

Q: How can we download the Catalog?
A: Please click on the Catalog tab and you will find the catalog placed in PDF format for our Surgical instruments, Dental Instruments and hollowware instruments. Just click on the Category you are interested in and you will get it downloaded. Having any trouble doing so please inform us and we will send you Catalog as a hard copy or online depending on your requirements.

Q: what does eye symbol stand for?
A: Since it is not possible to go into the details for every Instrument and open it individually for its picture. So the eye function made this job easy and you just place the mouse cursor on eye and you will know what instrument is inside and the brief details for it thus saving time for our precious clients.